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We are always planning ahead .....  well sometimes just a week ahead!

Season 6 on Fridays at 2.00pm - April 29th til 15th July 

Main Theme: Windrush Departure and Arrival 

                        WAWIH? Horacre

                              Moqapi Selassie

                                      Junita Cox

                                           Ivolene Fletcher ?

27/5/2022 74th Anniversary of Departure of Empire Windrush from Kingston

Vivian Crawford - Executive Director of the Institute of Jamaica 

Bill Hern - an overview of my research i.e. the aims, the need, the existing gaps, the emerging patterns etc

June Elizabeth - reading from Benjamin Zephiniah's book 'Windrush Child'


3/6/2022 UK Bank Holiday - Platinum Jubilee -

Bill Hearne - the passengers on the journey

June Elizabeth - reading from Benjamin Zephiniah's book Windrush Child



Kandace Chimbiri - The story of the Windrush - confirm



17/6/2022  June Elizabeth's story


24/6/2022 BHC Hosting LLI's Windrush 2022 Conference

Reviewing the journey and recognising the Arrival of Windrush in Tilbury 

JHC - Reflections on Windrush and Book 

Arriving at Tilbury - Yasus Afari and Liz Millman - slides 

Mona Baptiste - Bill Hearne

June Elizabeth - reading from Benjamin Zephiniah's book Windrush Child










Season 6  Folks to fit in

Team from Bewdley

/  Vilma Clymont - author

June Elizabeth  

Prof Khende Andrews - Bham Uni _ MD

Bristol Radical History Group 

Sean Creighton

Bill Hern

David Gleave + ?? WIWH

Susanne Seymour 

/ Vivian Crawford

Bernard Jankee

Robert Moore

Annette Levy - JS Reading 

James Breckland (Peru) - SF - How the end of slavery in US led to spread of American Uplands Cotton and communities growing cotton in Peru.


Indentured Labour ?? 




(here are some other ideas with suggestion about who may take a lead):

Indentured Labour 

First Nations Stories - Liz Millman 

Trafficked African Children in 1700s and later - Christine Whyte

Exploring stories from Liverpool 

Stories of Africans -who came to Nottingham -  Simon Ferrigno

Teaching about the History of Africa - Prof Sati Fwakshat

More on the Scramble for Africa 

Reparation - Richard 

Wool as an international commodity and use in Slave Trade - Lisa Gabbert

Book reviews and launches

Responses from Universities, Museums, Local Councils, and other organisations to Black Lives Matter

Abolition and Abolition Ballards and Poetry

Cassandra to introduce Nottingham School Resources - in a later session

The following colleagues have also agreed to join us

Professor Charlotte Williams

Prof Gus John

Prof Sir Geoff Palmer

Dr Jonathan Greenland - Rebellion and Abolition

Representative from UCL 

Suggestions from DA re issues in a Scottish context: 

the period of forced, unpaid labour under apprenticeship until 1838;

continued slavery under the East India Company until 1843;

the creation of the systems of indentured labour by Indians, Madeirans, Chinese, Africans and others with a strong Scottish input to recruiting, management and control;

continued illegal slave-ownership by Scots in non-British colonies;

continued campaigning against the continuance of slavery in the US and Dutch colonies etc;

and the development of more systematic and pseudo-scientific views on race which play a strong role in colonialism.


The Glasgow Sugar Aristocracy: Scotland and Caribbean Slavery, 1775-1838 - New Historical Perspectives (Hardback)  Stephen Mullen (author)

Jason - poet



Robert Burroughs

Miranda Kauffman


The Welsh Task and Finish Group: Gaynor Legall (Chair) 

S. I. Martin is a British author, historian, journalist, and teacher, specialising in Black British history and literature. He has worked with and for the Black Cultural Archives, National Maritime Museum, the V&A, Tate Britain, London Metropolitan Archives, National Portrait Gallery, Horniman Museum, The National Archives, RAF Museum, Wellcome Trust, and many others. He regularly provides workshops and sessions for heritage institutions, schools, borough councils, and community groups across the country.

Season 7 Sept - Dec 2022

Kandace Chimbiri:  The Story of Afro Hair, 5,000 Years of History, Fashion and Styles. 

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